Body Temperature Door Opener

Body temp and Facial recognition

Your Security is paramount but Covid-19 Security has changed the world. Social distancing, wearing of respiratory masks and regular hand washing are the minimum guidelines but more is being learned every day about this awful disease. We know it’s highly contagious and difficult to detect apart from showing a high temperature.

We have an excellent and unobtrusive safeguard for all members and visitors to your business. 

The problem with this is that people will work through the feeling of being unwell with disastrous consequences. Someone with Covid-19 can contaminate the whole office within minutes, passing the  bug to others if they come within a certain range or touch something they may have touched.

There are a number of Government guidelines to ensure businesses safeguard everyone but one of the surefire ways of pre-determining a problem is with a Armour Security Body Temp Door Opener.


Take care of your business and employees with Armour Security’s easy to install Body Temperature Door Opener. Position the Opener at your internal office door or on a stand at your reception area/desk to get an immediate and unobtrusive temperature reading of visitors or employees. Visit our website for more information or call 0208 364 1717