Covid19 and Your Security

The impact the Corona Virus, or  Covid-19 as it is now known, affected everybody one way or another. It was a global pandemic with catastrophic effect, causing many people to get sick and die, particularly those with underlying health issues. Nobody was immune. Even our front line health workers and surely the devastating effect it had on them made it even more scary.


However, we do know that many people contracted the disease and thankfully survived and are now helping scientists by using their anti-bodies to develop vaccines and maybe a cure for this and similar virus’ and diseases.

We’d like to think that nothing like this is ever going to happen again, but we thought this about previous pandemics so there’s no guarantees. The only thing to come out of this, if anything,  is that is that we must learn from it. Early warning systems and isolation is paramount for any future occasion and hopefully within the next few months a vaccine will be discovered that will help combat it or cure it completely.


Meanwhile many people have found themselves isolated in their own homes on furlough or working from home, even without employment. It was and still is a difficult very time for many.

Signs are that we have come through the worst of the Covid-19 contamination rate and we are trying to get back to a new normal because things will not be the same as they were for some time to come. Ironically, more people being at home, working, shielding themselves or having to look after their kids meant that there was always someone indoors. Consequently the crime rate and burglaries reduced considerably. What’s more, anyone out and about became far more conspicuous and easier to spot making it easy to enquire about their purpose and intentions; the Police did an excellent job on lockdown. 

Security System

So what has Covid-19 got to do with a security system or the lack of any? Well, the hardship and lack of opportunity is going to increase everyones effort to make up for lost time. Businesses are going to  be working double hard to off load stocks and make up for lost trade but indicators are that more people are going to have to rely on social security and will find it hard to make mends meet.

History tells us that hard times and possibly a recession has a direct impact on crime and burglaries, organised or opportunistic. More care has to be taken with your valuables and personal effects, whether they are being worn or stored at home. 



Insurance companies will no doubt see an increase in their business and they will be asking some sensitive questions about any security system you have in place and whether it is NSI/NACOSS Gold and fitted by a professionally recognised (by them) company. Some will take some convincing that a home made kit is as efficient and this will probably reflect on the cost you will be asked to pay in the way of a premium, or the scrutiny and difficulty getting recompensed in the event of a claim.

We know this is a busy time for intruder alarm installers particularly those that have been in business for 30 plus years and have a reputation of being excellent to deal with and particularly neat and tidy when fitting intruder alarms and CCTV systems. 


As our mantra is, “Your Security is our Priority” it will not be new to us. We have enough qualified and security checked engineers, and friendly staff to treat each of our customers as individuals. They will be happy to book a free survey, without obligation for anyone who is thinking of having a security system installed or improving their security arrangements. 

We work mainly in the local area of Winchmore Hill and about a 15 mile radius so we know the area and the things to look for. Whether you are considering a CCTV system that can be recorded or send directly to your mobile device or an intruder alarm system that is monitored 24/7 we can advise you and satisfy your requirements with trade leading technology. 

To speak to us, give us a call on 020 8364 1717 or use the form below to email your information and we will be in contact with you, maintaining the social distancing guidelines issued by the authorities.

For up to date Government announcements on Covid-19 use this LINK

Stay Safe and defeat Covid-19;  Your Security is Our Priority.