intruder alarm package

Intruder Alarm Package

The Intruder package consists of:

A complete wireless alarm system with a range of wireless devices for numerous  applications. The lack of wires will make the installation of this intruder alarm package simple and quick, there will be no need to remove carpets and lift floorboards, making the whole process hassle free and leaving you to carry on with your life as normal, but with the added advantage of a thoroughly protected home.

A typical installation would consist of the following: control panel, situated in a suitable position not too far from the front door (entry/exit). An alarm contact is fitted to the entry/exit door to inform the control panel that you are entering or leaving the premises. Call us on 0800 592 776 for more information.

Movement sensors installed e.g Hall, Lounge, Kitchen and Landing.

External sounder fitted to the front elevation and a dummy sounder to the rear of the property.

intruder alarm package


How long does it take and is there any mess?
Generally the installation of this intruder alarm package takes 3-4 hours. We take great care to keep dust to a minimum and all engineers carry hoovers to clear up as they go. All packaging is removed from site and recycled.

Can I set the alarm when I go to bed?
Yes the alarm will be programmed to your requirements.
A section of the property can be on at night, in most cases this is the downstairs alarmed and the upstairs off.

What if I have a pet, can I set the alarm?
For no extra charge we can install intruder alarm packages with Pet Tolerant Movement Sensors which will ignore pets up to 20kg.

How long does the alarm sound for?
The alarm when activated, will sound for 10 mins and will
re-arm the system in case the intruder should return.

How many codes and can it be set with a proximity fob?
Up to 80 users are available. Fob/tags maybe purchased
(See Optional Extra’s) and used to turn the alarm on & off.

How often do the batteries need changing?
The Lithium batteries will be replaced every year on a maintenance visit. They vary between £3-5 depending on size. The cost of a maintenance contract is just £78.

Can my alarm be monitored by the police?
The intruder alarm package can be connected to an Alarm Receiving Centre who will monitor your alarm and if need be contact the police. (Price on application)

Can my alarm text my mobile when activated?
The alarm can be connected to your phone line or via a GSM device to send text alerts to your mobile. Charges apply. (Price on application)

Call us on 0800 592 776 for more information.