Armour-Security App, Constantly in Contact with Your Property

One Mobile App controls all
Armour-Security App has the ultimate smart device application providing you with total surveillance control over your properties.

Control from anywhere
No matter where you are Armour-Security App controls and monitors your security, video or both, at any time.

Live and recorded
You now have the ability to watch live video, record on an SD-card (not included) or NVR, take screenshots, as well as listen in or speak using microphone-enabled cameras.

Voice notifications
If there is any activity on the system, you will be alerted with a voice push notification. This gets your attention in case of an alarm and allows you to take the appropriate action. In the event of alarm activation, it will also provide sensor details.

Control outputs
Third-party automation devices can be wired to an output of the control panel and triggered with the Armour-Security App to operate gates or lighting, for example.

Split-screen viewing
Thanks to modern technology, with a single touch the live screen view can be changed from observing 1 camera stream to 4, 9, 12 or 16 simultaneously.

Push notifications
Users can receive push notifications on their smart device to inform them know of any activity on the system. In the event of alarm activation, it will also provide sensor details.

Multi-site and multi-system
With the Armour-Sec App, multiple systems can be added, controlled and monitored from the same application. Easily switch between the control panel and cameras for quick video verification of events.

Android & Apple compatible
The Armour App is suitable for all mobile device and available in two versions: on Android™ from the Google Play Store, and on iOS™ from the Apple App Store.