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Residential Intruder Alarm, Peace of Mind

Our Residential Intruder Alarm home security systems are Professionally monitored 24/7 by our approved Intruder Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) to react immediately to any alert. Single path signalling methods such as Digital Communicator, Standard RedCARE, RedCARE Secure Solo (using GPRS) or dual path signalling methods such as: RedCARE/GSM and DualCOM, give us continual channels of communication for ultimate protection.

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In an ideal world Domestic Intruder Alarm or Home Security would consist of locking your doors and windows and considered enough to deter unwanted interest from Intruders and burglars. Unfortunately this is not the case and a more responsible action and in most cases an insurance requirement is to install a suitable Armour Security Domestic Intruder Alarm or Burglar Alarm System, a NACOSS NSI Gold approved company and so therefore reliable and trustworthy.

Best Residential Intruder Alarm Systems

Our Residential intruder alarm Security Systems are state of the art technology, complying with all current regulations, insurance approved with excellent reliability and performance. All our home security systems are custom designed and conform to the demands of the insurance companies. We use several different types of intruder detectors, door and window contacts, movement detectors that can be safely set to ignore animals of a certain size, vibration detectors and glass break sensors. For your own personal security we have discreet Hold Up Alarm systems that can activated by hitting an emergency button or a wireless transmitter that you can keep hidden or with you at all times.

Armour Home Security Systems can be completely wireless which ensures a clean, fast installation with virtually no disruption to your house or interior or when cabling is necessary, our Engineers pride themselves on the ‘neatness’ of their work and make sure that we live up to our reputation as ‘London’s Neatest Alarm Installers’. Our Residential intruder alarms are all fitted with a high visibility external siren boxes (not all companies fit these) that is an effective visual deterrent as well as making a high decibel noise when activated. All our systems can be operated using a code or Key Fobs (a requirement for police calling systems). Please call 0800 592 776 for more information.

Example of Active Deterrence Camera in Action

Our Domestic Security Systems are Professionally monitored 24/7 by our approved Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) for police action, by a variety of single path signalling methods such as: Digital Communicator, Standard RedCARE, RedCARE Secure Solo (using GPRS) or dual path signalling methods such as: RedCARE/GSM and DualCOM. Any activation received from your property will be acted on immediately and passed to key holders and the Police. Alternatively, if you don’t require Police action, we can set up voice and text alerts directly to your selected key holders.

All our Home security systems come complete with one year’s maintenance contract, which provides full 24 hour telephone support, 4 hour emergency call out if necessary, and a service at the end of the contract year.  They will also be certificated to NACOSS NSI Gold standard, which will be suitable for any insurance requirement.

For extra Residential security intelligence consider installing CCTV surveillance with HD quality to transmit live pictures to your smart phone or tablet through WI-FI or remotely via IE browser. Please see our CCTV section for more details.

Armour Security (NSI/NACOSS Gold approved) has over 30 years of experience of advising and installing the market’s latest technology to provide you the best in Home Burglar Alarm Systems, CCTV Surveillance and Access Control available.

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