Security System Upgrades in North London

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Deter Intruders with Security System Upgrades in North London

As a business or homeowner, keeping your premises, people, and property secure is a top priority. But, with advancing technology and more sophisticated criminals, an outdated security system could put you, your property, and personnel at risk.

Upgrading your current system with modern security systems including motion detectors, facial recognition software, and live streaming can provide a range of features that can help monitor your business or home more effectively and help protect your premises, from potential threats.

As your local security system experts in North London, Armour security help keep your business and home safe by providing security upgrades that are tailored to your specific needs and budget. Our system upgrades include advanced surveillance systems, integrated access control systems, and sensitive alarm systems to help deter potential intruders and quickly respond to any security threats that may arise.

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CCTV Camera Upgrades

Our CCTV upgrades in Enfield allow for newer cameras with better resolution and features can provide clearer images and better coverage at your premises.

Intruder Alarm Upgrades

Armour’s range of intruder alarm upgrades improve the ability to detect and prevent intrusions, as well as provide additional features such as remote monitoring and control.

Access Control Upgrades

Our access control upgrades maintain the safety and security of people and assets within a facility, and can help prevent unauthorised access and potential security breaches.


Remain Vigilant with HD CCTV Camera Upgrades in North London

Remain Vigilant with HD CCTV Camera Upgrades in North London

Investing in an upgraded CCTV system is a vital step in ensuring the safety and security of your property and personnel.

Our advanced CCTV system upgrades incorporate state-of-the-art technology, including high-definition cameras and intelligent features, to deliver crystal-clear imagery, recorded video footage, and real-time streaming for uninterrupted monitoring of your property, even during extended periods of vacancy.

Armour Security provides professional CCTV system upgrades for both residential and commercial properties in North London, to help ensure the safety and security of families, employees, visitors, premises, and assets.

Protect Your Premises with Intruder Alarm Upgrades in North London

Protect Your Premises with Intruder Alarm Upgrades in North London

Intruder alarm systems are one of the most effective ways to protect a business from potential threats, which is why regular upgrades is important to ensure the safety of your home or business.

With advanced technology and features, including newly developed sensors or motion detectors, automated alert notifications and remote access, an alarm system upgrade from Armour Security will provide enhanced protection against potential break-ins and theft.

Window Alarm Sensors

When in the process of updating your security system, we highly recommend the incorporation of window alarm sensors. Whether at a home or business, window alarm sensors serve as a valuable supplementary safeguard against potential break-ins and intrusions, by detecting any unauthorised window access.

Saty in Control with Access Control Upgrades in North London

Saty in Control with Access Control Upgrades in North London

Access control helps businesses to protect the company's assets, data, and employees by limiting access to certain areas or information to only authorised personnel. Which is why upgrading the access control systems at your business should not be overlooked.

By implementing advanced technology, such as biometric authentication and mobile access control, access control upgrades can significantly enhance the security of a building or facility, effectively preventing unauthorised access, and safeguarding sensitive information or assets.

Security System Upgrades from Armour Security

If you are searching for a local security company to upgrade a security system at your home or business in North London, call armour Security today on 020 8364 1717 or alternatively book your free site survey by sending us an enquiry online via our contact form and we will be glad to help.


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