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‘Your Security is Our Priority’ has been our company policy for the 30+ years we have been installing the very best CCTV systems and Intruder Alarms to Businesses and Residential Properties. This website will give you a lot of information, but you can always speak to our friendly office staff to arrange a FREE site visit with one of our Professional advisors to discuss your security arrangements and the options/solutions we have within your budget. 

Intelligent Camera systems means fewer false alarms

Artificial Intelligence or Ai technology, in digital camera Security Systems has advanced exponentially and the latest technology is available in 4K HD from Armour Security.

Active Deterrence cameras stop incidents before they happen with an audible warning, flashing lights and siren to alert any intruder they have already been detected, are being recorded and security systems are in place . No more false alarms. This CCTV system can be professionally set to cover specific tactical areas and can tell the difference between human form from cars & vehicles, animals and wind blown bushes, whilst transmitting the best possible imagery direct to your mobile device, in full colour.

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The Latest Ai Camera
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See Active Deterrence Camera
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Nobody forgets the time they are burgled.

Having an inadequate Security System or none at all is an invite for a low life opportunist, or a professional thief to enter your property and violate your personal space. You may be on holiday, at work or even shopping, imagine them rummaging through your prized possessions, looking for your most valuable and cherished pieces of jewellery, money or electronic equipment.

Worst still, maybe while you and your family are actually in the property. Imagine the unthinkable scenario of somebody standing over you or your loved ones wondering their next move.

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Don’t wait for this to happen.

Armour Security (NSI/NACOSS Gold Certified) has over 30 years of experience on advising and installing the market’s latest technology to provide you with the best in Wireless Intruder Alarm Systems, CCTV Surveillance, and Access Control. With 24/7 professional monitoring of your Wireless Intruder alarm and CCTV Security Camera Systems by a Registered Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) reacting immediately to any incident. Automatically notifying you or any other key holder and the Police. Our technology also provides you with remote access to your CCTV systems through your smartphone or mobile device 24 hours per day.

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Your security OUR PRIORITY

Instances and incidents are well documented in Police reports and daily news bulletins, but without doubt the best-known deterrent to safeguard your security is a professional and reliable Armour Intruder Alarm system.  Don’t rely on a basic alarm system installed by a handyman or someone you know, you and your possessions/family are worth more than that. A Professional Certificated Armour Security Alarm System is approved by all insurance companies and monitored 24/7 by a professional Registered Alarm Receiving Centre that will detect any attempt of a break-in and entry and record everything on CCTV. This is of vital importance should you ever have reason to register a claim. 

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Armour Security Internet Protocol System is the latest technology available to secure ultra-high-definition images and information for immediate or future reference.  This advanced technology encrypts messages that can only be accessed and viewed by you, to show fine detail of face or vehicle registration plate recognition.

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Armour Security Systems to your Mobile Device


Now you can download our App to your mobile device and stay in contact with your property. More information is on our page through this link HERE

Our Security Systems are tailored to your needs. Intruder Alarms or Burglar Alarms both have Door Contacts and strategically placed Movement Sensors can be installed wirelessly or by discreet cabling. The best method can be decided after discussing your requirements with one of our experienced Armour Security Advisors, after which you will have installed the most suitable Armour Security System


For your Home, Commercial Business or Retail Outlets we have tailored Security and Personal Protection Systems that offer the very best deterrent for any would-be Intruder or Burglar. 

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