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Nobody ever forgets the time they are burgled.

Having bad Security or none at all allows a low life opportunist or a professional thief to violate your personal space. Imagine them rummaging through your personal possessions, looking for your most valuable and cherished pieces of jewellery, money or electronic equipment.

Worst still, maybe while you and your family are actually in the property. Imagine the unthinkable scenario of somebody standing over you or your loved ones wondering their next move.

Don’t wait for this to happen.

Armour Security (NSI/NACOSS Gold Certified) has over 30 years of experience in advising and installing the market’s latest technology to provide you with the best in Intruder Alarm Systems, CCTV Surveillance, and Access Control. With 24/7 professional monitoring of your Intruder alarm and CCTV systems by a Registered Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) reacting immediately to any incident. Automatically notifying you or any other key holder and the Police. Our technology also provides you with remote access to your CCTV systems through your smartphone or mobile device 24 hours per day.

Instances and incidents are well documented in Police reports and daily news bulletins, but without doubt the best-known deterrent is a professional and reliable Armour Intruder Alarm system.  Not a basic alarm system installed by a handyman but a professional certificated Armour Security alarm system. Only those Approved by insurance companies and monitored 24/7 by a professional Registered Alarm Receiving Centre that will detect any attempt of a break-in and entry and record everything on CCTV. Call us today on 0800 592 776 for more information.

IP Security

Internet Protocol Security uses the latest technology available to secure ultra-high-definition images and information for immediate or future reference.  This advanced technology encrypts messages that can only be accessed and viewed by you, to show fine detail of face or vehicle registration plate recognition.

Call us on 0800 592 776 to schedule a free survey or for more information.

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Security Systems to your Mobile Device

Now you can download our App to your mobile device and stay in contact with your property. More information is on our page through this link HERE

Our Security Systems are tailored to your needs. Intruder Alarms, Door Contacts, and strategically placed Movement Sensors can be installed wirelessly or by discreet cabling. The best method can be decided after discussing your requirements with one of our experienced Security Advisors, after which you will have installed the most suitable Armour Security System

For your Home, Commercial Business or Retail Outlet we have tailored Security and Personal Protection Systems that offer the very best deterrent for any would-be Intruder or Burglar.


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