Retail Access Control in North London

  • 24/7 Protection for your shop
  • Restrict and deny access 
  • Key fob, proximity control, door entry systems
  • Full Warranty and First Year's Maintenance

With Retail Access Control, You Decide

Retail access control is essential for any retail premises.

Monitor the people entering and leaving your stock areas, store rooms, and offices with an access control system comprising a numerical keypad, biometric pad, key fob or smart card.


Retail Access Control: Security & Safety

Retail access control usually starts at the front entrance and depends on the type of store. To monitor who is entering or leaving your retail unit we can set up CCTV control entry. If you are a High End store selling valuable merchandise we can control entry by requesting an audible alert, bell or buzzer, which will let you decide whether you want to open the door.

At the same time you can remotely control customer exit. For a visual record this can be connected to a video camera or any other security system you have installed and recorded on a DVR for future reference.

For office access, we have entry systems that range from a simple control panel with a numerical keypad requiring a pin number to biometric access control that will read unique personal features like fingerprint or iris/retina recognition.  For top security there is also a biometric access system that will read an individual’s blood vessel construction in the event a fingerprint is not available. For less sophisticated access control we can offer proximity access that reads an individual key fob or smart card that you would have on your person.

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