Commercial Access Control in North London

  • 24/7 Protection for your Business
  • Restrict and deny access 
  • Key fob, proximity control, door entry systems
  • Full Warranty and First Year's Maintenance

Prevent Unauthorised Access to Your Business with Commercial Access Control

Commercial access control is essential for any business.

The right people accessing the right areas is important for security as well as health and safety. Whether it's so you have a record of who is going in and out of your main entrance or you have restricted areas you need to monitor, Armour Security will have an access control system to suit your business.


Keep Your Business Safe & Secure with Professional Commercial Access Control

Commercial access control is vital in business. Armour Security has over 30 years’ experience in this field and can discuss with you access control options including push button control panel, key fob and proximity control.

For general office or area access, we have entry systems that range from a simple control panel with a numerical keypad requiring a pin number or a magnetic swipe card or for convenience a key fob that can be configured for proximity control.

More sophisticated demands might require more personal control including biometric recognition of unique features like fingerprints or iris and retina, we have a range of different systems to choose from.  Armour Security are cleared to install top security access that will even read an individual’s blood vessel construction in the event a fingerprint is not available. Not a particularly great train of thought but available none the less.

For less sophisticated access control we can offer proximity access that reads an individual key fob or smart card that you would have on your person hanging from a lanyard. This is particularly useful for hospitals and nursing homes, schools and any building or business that has restricted areas.

Activity can be recorded for employees’ time and attendance and absence management for HR purposes or if there is an emergency and a roll of attendance required.

Access control to operate gates or car park barriers can range from video entry systems or remote audio systems that can be controlled by a receptionist or general office/warehouse managers’ area.

Armour Security has over 30 years’ experience in this field. We would be delighted to discuss the access control options and conduct a free survey to advise you the best access system to suite your specific needs and the various configurations you can choose from.  A fully integrated system to incorporate any other security systems you have will give you the remote access and high level of security you are looking for.

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