Testimonials are an important part of any business. They offer social proof. These are some comments from our satisfied customers for whom we have installed alarm systems and who have been kind enough to offer an unsolicited testimonial.

We do not always ask for them but are grateful when we receive them. It’s satisfying knowing that Customers are pleased and prepared to share their satisfaction with the local community.

We have not disclosed full details for obvious reason but if anyone would like more information please contact our office. In the meantime if anyone would like to offer a testimonial on work we have completed, please use the form below or drop us a line at [email protected]

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Please feel free to add your comments or Testimonial if you think we have met or exceeded your expectations. It would be really nice if you could recommend our services to any of your friends or family. We can return the favour by offering you a little surprise in return. Feel free to use the form below. If you have any problems please make our office aware as soon as possible.