Physical Access Control vs Automatic Access Control Systems

It is easy to become a target for crime if your business access points are not secure. Preventing unauthorised personnel from entering your building or restricted access areas can be a headache, and it is often debated whether it is more efficient to have a physical security team in place or to use an automatic access control system.

As an experienced commercial security company, Armour can help keep your business premises secure. With over 30 years of experience installing access control systems and security alarms for businesses throughout Enfield and North London, our team is here to help you choose the right type of security and access control systems for your premises.

Pros and Cons of a Physical Security Presence

Employing security personnel to enforce access control is an expense and hassle for which many small or medium sized businesses do not have the budget or resource. The physical presence of security guards can be enough to deter trespassers from attempting to access your premises; however human error or circumstances beyond your control such as sickness could mean that you are left with no security presence at all.

Security guards can be mobile and monitor the entirety of your building, but this flexibility can also be achieved with other security systems such as CCTV.  What’s more, automated or digital security systems do not incur any of the additional costs that accompany employment – such as employers’ national insurance and pension contributions, or employment benefits. 

Pros and Cons of Automatic Access Control Systems

Access control systems such as door access control and gate access control units are often a one-off expense with minimal maintenance costs, and can actively monitor all access points simultaneously. When installed by a professional, access control units can be relied upon to manage restricted areas using a role-based ID card or pin pad system, which are difficult to override.

All electrical equipment, including access control systems, can malfunction, but with regular visits from your local professional access control expert, the likelihood of this should be minimal.

The best way to find the right access control system for you is to arrange a visit from your local commercial security provider. An experienced installation expert will be able to show you the best placement of access control systems and any other security units such as CCTV on your premises, and help you choose products which fit your needs and budget.

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