Introducing the New SPRO Facial Access Control Terminal: A Game-Changer in Advanced Security

SPRO facial recognition access controller

Introducing a true game-changer in access control – the SPRO Facial Access Control Terminal. This cutting-edge device seamlessly blends aesthetic design with advanced technology, providing you with complete control over who enters your premises. Precision Facial Recognition for Enhanced Security The terminal’s facial recognition algorithm ensures quick and accurate identification, allowing only authorised personnel access…

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Armour Security’s Comprehensive Guide to Home Security at Christmas

The festive season is upon us, and while the joy of celebrations fills the air, it’s crucial to ensure the safety and security of your home. This Christmas, make the season merrier with professional home security solutions from Armour Security. We’ve got you covered with a range of advanced devices, including the Pyronix HomeControl DoorbellCam,…

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The Pyronix CarDefender: Secures Large Van Dealership

The Pyronix CarDefender: Secures Large Van Dealership As a supplier of the Pyronix CarDefender, we are thrilled to learn that Pyronix has recently collaborated with a company specialising in the buying and selling of second-hand vans, each valued at approximately £15,000 and totalling £375,000. Facing significant challenges in securing their vehicles, the van company turned…

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Vehicle Theft Spike in North London – Protect Your Vehicle With CCTV

Deter Intruders

As a result of the steady rise in the cost of vehicles and auto parts, criminals have targeted work vans and luxury vehicles, with the intent of dismantling and reselling them at a reduced price. This has had a negative impact on auto theft rates, making business vehicles a highly desirable target for theft. With…

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5 Benefits of a Pyronix Doorbell Camera

Between school runs and office commutes, most parents and working professionals are left with very little time to spend at home, leaving their empty houses more vulnerable to break-ins and theft. With no holes or wires required, the Pyronix HomeControl DoorbellCam is a rechargeable and affordable alternative to CCTV systems, ideal for homeowners who want…

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Pyronix Announce the New CarDefender Device

Pyronix CarDefender at Armour Security

Pyronix CarDefender Device Pyronix has introduced the CarDefender, a new device that uses a three-axis accelerometer to enhance vehicle security. This device comes highly recommended for its advanced features and capabilities. The CarDefender was created to combat vehicle theft, especially keyless theft. It offers a new line of defence by raising the house alarm if…

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New Fire Safety Regulations 2022

New Fire Safety Regulations 2022 North London

The Fire Safety Regulations 2022 From 23 January 2023, the Fire Safety Regulations 2022 will be coming into force. These new regulations have been implemented following the Grenfell Tower Inquiry and require responsible persons of high-rise residential buildings as well as those above 11 metres in height, to provide additional safety measures and information on…

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7 Reasons to Install a Home Alarm System

If you are on the fence about whether to install an alarm system in London for your home, check out these seven great reasons, complied by our expert team. As a leading home security company in London, Armour has been installing home security systems including domestic alarms for over 30 years. 1. Deters Criminals For…

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Pyronix Announce the New ASSET-WE Accelerometer Device

As one of the world’s leading designers and manufactures of security system technologies and products for the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors, a new Pyronix product release is something worth getting worked up about. Its latest release, the Pyronix ASSET-WE, is a small but mighty piece of security protection for high-value items and treasured possessions.…

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Physical Access Control vs Automatic Access Control Systems

access control

It is easy to become a target for crime if your business access points are not secure. Preventing unauthorised personnel from entering your building or restricted access areas can be a headache, and it is often debated whether it is more efficient to have a physical security team in place or to use an automatic access control system.

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