Pyronix Announce the New ASSET-WE Accelerometer Device

As one of the world’s leading designers and manufactures of security system technologies and products for the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors, a new Pyronix product release is something worth getting worked up about.

Its latest release, the Pyronix ASSET-WE, is a small but mighty piece of security protection for high-value items and treasured possessions. Designed to be discreet and easy-to-install, the new Pyronix ASSET-WE measures in at only 25mm wide and provides security and protection to smaller, mobile items that can be easily taken or interfered with.

This clever two-way wireless device can be easily concealed inside of, or attached to, high value items such as jewellery boxes, cash boxes, tills, safes, bags, and boxes, and hidden out of sight on items such as televisions, paintings, laptops and much more. Alternatively, it can be used as a free-standing security device.

Sensitivity Settings

The ASSET-WE has two sensitivity settings, low and high. The low setting is ideally suited to protecting items that are subject to interference from small movements or sound, such as vibrations and audio frequency, whereas the high sensitivity setting is designed to protect stationary items.

Smart Notifications

Whenever the item that is protected by the ASSET-WE device is moved or opened, the owner will receive a notification via the new Pyronix HomeControl2.0 app. The app also provides a full history log of the device that can be viewed, anywhere, anytime.

Security Control

Providing even greater security to items and belongings within homes and commercial buildings, the ASSET-WE places the security control of high valuable possessions back into your hands.

To find out more about the new ASSET-WE device from Pyronix and how it can help you take charge of your security, contact Armour Security’s friendly team today by using our contact form or alternatively by calling us on 020 8364 1717