Pyronix Announce the New CarDefender Device

Pyronix CarDefender Device

Pyronix has introduced the CarDefender, a new device that uses a three-axis accelerometer to enhance vehicle security. This device comes highly recommended for its advanced features and capabilities.

The CarDefender was created to combat vehicle theft, especially keyless theft. It offers a new line of defence by raising the house alarm if an intruder attempts to steal the car. This provides users with early warning, allowing them to take immediate action.

Cutting-Edge Technology for Detecting Vehicle Intrusions

Working in conjunction with existing Pyronix systems, the CarDefender works to secure vehicles within the control panel’s wireless home range. It has a three-axis accelerometer with three detection modes for detecting shock or tilt. The device can be set to trigger for shock only, tilt only, or both shock and tilt.

The device is equipped with a custom-made, brightly coloured silicone rubber mount. This allows users to attach it to a vehicle’s steering wheel for both reliability and visual deterrence. Additionally, the device can be secured using the included 3M tape, providing versatility for a range of use cases.

Selectable Detection Modes

After professional installation of the device onto the system, users are able to customize their preferences for shock, tilt or both by pressing and holding the button located on the front.

  • Tilt only: Tilt mode has one setting on or off. The device requires a tilt angle of 4° to trigger the detector.
  • Shock only: Shock mode has three sensitivity settings; low, medium and high. At the highest setting, the detector will trigger with less force. The lowest setting requires more force to trigger.
  • Tilt or Shock: This mode will activate on either shock or tilt detection – an intruder hitting the vehicle or tilting the steering wheel will activate the alarm.

The 10 Minute Safety Feature

After users have made their desired selections, the system will automatically lock them in for a duration of 10 minutes. This functionality serves to prevent inadvertent changes to the settings, which could compromise the integrity of the device. To modify the settings once they have been locked, users must reopen and close the device to access another setup window.

Back to Home (B2H) Feature

The CarDefender is designed to provide security for vehicles within the home range of the control panel*. In cases where the vehicle has left the home range and returned, the device’s supervision will reset after 5 minutes or can be manually reset using the B2H button on the device, which is the recommended method. The device’s signal strength is indicated by a flashing LED, with green indicating good signal strength and red suggesting poor.

*Obstructions may interrupt signal strength if the vehicle is parked on a public road or street outside the property.

Conformally Coated PCB

The CarDefender’s PCB is coated with a conformal material, enabling it to function effectively in various environments*. This feature makes it an optimal choice for implementation in motorcycles, vans, and trailers.

*As the device is not IP rated, it is not recommended for harsh, wet conditions or environments where it is exposed to the elements.

Innovative Vehicle Protection

The CarDefender is an innovative solution designed to prevent vehicle theft, especially those involving keyless entry. By triggering the house alarm upon detecting a potential theft, it provides an additional layer of security, allowing users to respond promptly and minimize any potential damage or loss. This early warning system is a significant improvement over traditional methods, which may not detect theft until it is too late.

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