Artificial Intelligence and Ai technology

Artificial Intelligence – Ai Technology

Clever CCTV Systems with Artificial Intelligence or Ai technology has advanced exponentially in the digital world. To be able to offer it in digital Security Systems Surveillance Cameras is a break through for Armour Security’s CCTV systems.

Ai Technology teaches computers to create intelligence through algorithms, presenting many advantages. CCTV Cameras can be set to distinguish the difference between human form,  family pets, cars and vehicles and even wind blown bushes that might otherwise set off the alarm system.

No more false alarms

No more unnecessary anxieties or wasting Police time, this CCTV system can be set to report only genuine irregularities.

Armour Security’s Ai Cameras come with pre-set audible warnings that are loud enough to startle the most professional intruder and two way communication system that will pick up noises and conversation. The warnings set are off by strategically set ‘virtual’ trip wires that spur the machine into action.

In nano-seconds, the offending irregularity is identified and the system decides whether to send an alert via the user APP. The user may then view live footage and inform the police if necessary

Long gone are the days of lots of turning cogs and wheels  illustrated so well in the Bletchley Park computer designed by Alan Turin when they successfully broke the Enigma Code in 1940. Computers now are as small as microchips that gain and access information and report facial recognition and work as the perfect deterrent.

Equally suitable for Residential and Business properties, these cameras and Ai is the future, and its. now! For more information call our friendly office team. They will be happy to discuss this system with you and arrange for a free site survey for one our professional surveyors to explain and advise in even more detail.

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