Introducing the New SPRO Facial Access Control Terminal: A Game-Changer in Advanced Security

SPRO facial recognition access controller

Introducing a true game-changer in access control – the SPRO Facial Access Control Terminal. This cutting-edge device seamlessly blends aesthetic design with advanced technology, providing you with complete control over who enters your premises. Precision Facial Recognition for Enhanced Security The terminal’s facial recognition algorithm ensures quick and accurate identification, allowing only authorised personnel access…

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Danger at the Door

Danger at the Door - Doorbell alarm systems

Danger at the Door – DOORBELL ALARM SYSTEMS? Doorbell alarm systems have become popular due to an aggressive advertising campaign on TV and radio. However, they have limitations and problems. For example, they can be hacked and the wifi signal they rely on can be blocked by thieves using the same technology to steal cars.…

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Artificial Intelligence and Ai technology

Artificial Intelligence – Ai Technology Clever CCTV Systems with Artificial Intelligence or Ai technology has advanced exponentially in the digital world. To be able to offer it in digital Security Systems Surveillance Cameras is a break through for Armour Security’s CCTV systems. Ai Technology teaches computers to create intelligence through algorithms, presenting many advantages. CCTV…

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