Danger at the Door

Danger at the Door – DOORBELL ALARM SYSTEMS?

Doorbell alarm systems have become popular due to an aggressive advertising campaign on TV and radio. However, they have limitations and problems. For example, they can be hacked and the wifi signal they rely on can be blocked by thieves using the same technology to steal cars. If the wifi fails, the system is essentially off and your property is unprotected until it is rebooted. Additional costs include having to open a Cloud account through a subscription to record your feed.


The novelty value of being to answer the door from anywhere in the house, in the bath, in the garden or away from the property, should be sensibly compared to the reliability and efficiency of such systems. Why would you have an alarm system fitted that lets you know there has been an infringement but doesn’t trigger an audible alarm?

Hacked off

The internet is charged full of stories about systems being hacked and the tables reversed with hackers actually using the cameras to watch you and your family inside your property. One story reported recently in a national newspaper described an 8 year old girl being scared stiff-less by a strange voice telling her she is being watched in her bedroom and she can do anything she wanted to do without getting into trouble. Her screams alerted her parents who then took weeks consoling her trying to provide a plausible reason and convincing her that this voice wasn’t a sinister monster coming to get her and would not happen again.

There have even been some reports that personal information has been sent back to manufacturers in China via the internet which allows them to build up a portfolio of your activities.

Doorbell stolen

Some doorbell alarms can also be easily stolen which kind of defeats the object. Apparently, a similar key to that used to change the SIM card in an iPhone is all you need to detach a doorbell phone and potential intruders are fully aware of which models these are.

According to a local Welsh newspaper, a man received an email to warn him his smart doorbell had been hacked and his account had been logged into. Just hours later he received a telephone call to say he and his family were being watched inside their house.

Recently, in a local WhatsApp group, one young couple reported a robbery had taken place without their doorbell activating either of their smartphones. Presumably, such a wifi blocking system had been used as intruders somehow quietly managed to force open the front door and had the run of the house while the residents slept upstairs in their bedroom. The usual Laptops and other valuables were taken and they woke up to an amazing surprise from which they now feel vulnerable in their own house.


Like all alarm systems doorbell alarms depend on their ability to operate correctly, correct installation and a failsafe backup system. Doorbell alarm systems are recognised as a deterrent but will be questioned by insurance companies when an incident is reported.

They are not generally NSI approved, in the same way, the installer may not be either. This may present problems should the occasions arise for any insurance claim you make, and it will certainly not help towards any discounted premium, especially after a claim.


It all depends on how seriously you take your security.

To us, your security is our priority and we have cameras that will work under any conditions, tell the difference between a human and a pet by Artificial Intelligence (Ai) and report to your mobile device without fail. Of course, we are a NSI Gold Approved Company and have been for some 30 years. If you are looking for a cheap system or reliability, you get what you pay for. If you are looking for quality, security, reliability and Insurance company approval, give us a call to arrange a free survey and solid advice.

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