The Pyronix CarDefender: Secures Large Van Dealership

The Pyronix CarDefender: Secures Large Van Dealership

As a supplier of the Pyronix CarDefender, we are thrilled to learn that Pyronix has recently collaborated with a company specialising in the buying and selling of second-hand vans, each valued at approximately £15,000 and totalling £375,000. Facing significant challenges in securing their vehicles, the van company turned to Pyronix and the CarDefender to successfully addresses these issues.

The van dealership operates within a shared premises, sharing a main entrance with other businesses, making traditional perimeter security not a viable option. Due to varied access times for different on-site companies and frequent breaches of the landlord-provided main entrance gate. This vulnerability left the business exposed to theft.

Combating Van Theft Challenges: How Pyronix CarDefender Stood Out

Unfortunately, there is a strong market for illegal resale of vans, whether the vans are sold whole or in parts, making the company’s site an appealing target for criminals.

Having endured four van thefts in a short span, the company sought a security solution within their budget. After consulting with Pyronix and several competitors, the van dealership ultimately chose Pyronix due to the unique offerings of the CarDefender.

Since installation, the company has not experienced any false alarms or attempted thefts, showcasing the device’s performance and visual deterrence effectively.

The CarDefender Success Story

The CarDefender has proven to be a game-changer for expanding security solutions beyond property boundaries. Its three selectable detection modes, sensitivity settings, and visual deterrent features played a pivotal role in securing our partnership with this company. By offering a product that effectively addressed a critical security concern, Pyronix distinguished themselves in a way that other security companies couldn’t match.

Pyronix CarDefender has been recognised as an award-winning combined technology device, earning the title of ‘Innovative Security Project of the Year’ at the BSIA Awards 2023. Additionally, it secured the Alarm/Detection Innovation runner-up spot at the 2023 Benchmark Awards. These accolades highlight the importance of innovative solutions in vehicle security.

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