Introducing the New SPRO Facial Access Control Terminal: A Game-Changer in Advanced Security

Introducing a true game-changer in access control – the SPRO Facial Access Control Terminal. This cutting-edge device seamlessly blends aesthetic design with advanced technology, providing you with complete control over who enters your premises.

Precision Facial Recognition for Enhanced Security

The terminal’s facial recognition algorithm ensures quick and accurate identification, allowing only authorised personnel access to sensitive areas. A standout feature is the ability to define specific access schedules, granting or denying entry based on designated time frames. This is invaluable for scenarios like permitting cleaning staff access only during certain hours or restricting employee access to designated shifts.

Flexible Access Control in Diverse Settings

Designed for flexibility, the terminal supports multiple units, enabling access through some units while denying it at others. This is crucial in large settings where personnel require access to specific areas but should be restricted from highly sensitive sones.

Comprehensive Security Features

When paired with smart PSS, the terminal logs any attempts by unauthorised individuals to gain entry. Its use cases are limitless, suitable for any situation where access control is paramount.

User-Friendly Operation with Advanced Features

Featuring a vibrant 4.3-inch touchscreen display, the terminal ensures user-friendly operation, making it effortless to manage access permissions and review logs. The 2-megapixel Duo lens camera guarantees clarity and accuracy in facial recognition, offering a reliable solution for access control.

Modes of Unlocking to Suit Your Needs

This terminal isn’t just about facial recognition. It offers different unlocking modes – face, card, or password. Whether you prefer cutting-edge facial recognition, traditional card access, or a secure password option, this terminal has you covered.

Advanced Technology with Durability in Mind

The face detection range covers from 0.3 metres up to 1.5 metres, avoiding the common issue of a narrow sweet spot found in other products. With a face verification accuracy of 99.5%, you can trust the reliability and precision combined into one.

Durability in Any Weather

Designed with durability in mind, the terminal is IP65 waterproof, ensuring uninterrupted service in any weather condition. Its DC 12V specification ensures compatibility with most standard power systems, making integration and setup a breeze.

The SPRO Facial Access Control Terminal is a comprehensive solution that combines advanced security technology with practical reliability.

About Armour Security

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